Ultrasonic device against pests

Quickly, easily and in an instant disperses all pests from the home!

  • Safe and easy to use, odorless
  • It disperses, it does not kill animals
  • It does not produce harmful chemicals
  • It provides 24-hour protection to you and your family
"No more suspicious chemicals"
“Over the years, we have tried a multitude of pest and insect products. But we have never been carefree because they contain poisons and harmful chemicals. We don't have those worries with this device. It works on electricity and emits ultrasound waves that are completely safe for our health. "
"Completely easy to use"
“This is the easiest product to use ever! I just put it in the socket and I’m calm. No spraying chemicals, no burning sticks, setting traps ... I bought it for both floors of a house in the city and for a cottage, and now I'm quiet all season. “
"Disperses but does not kill animals"
"It is important to me that the product I use against pests and insects is environmentally friendly. This one is. Although the ultrasonic waves it emits irritate pests, they do not kill them. So with this device we keep them away from our home. My family, garden, flowers and fruits are protected in this way. "
"Very nice design"
“The most important thing you need to know is that this product really works! My advice is to place it 30 cm above the floor. I will also point out that the design is very modern so it will not disturb the decor of the room. All in all, a very good price-quality ratio. ”